The Gear


We have everything you need to make amazing sounds. What are you waiting for?!

Instruments and amps


Gibson Les Paul Guitar
1964 Ludwig Red Sparkle Drumset
Guild D-50CE Acoustic Guitar
Seagull Acoustic Guitar
Martin Acoustic
MK F-Style Mandolin
Tama Starclassic Drumset
Mesa 5:25 Guitar Amp
Yamaha CP33 Stage Piano
Roland Keyboard Amp
Fender Rhodes 88 (vintage)
Fender Stratocaster Guitar
Fender Telecaster Guitar
Vintage Danelectro Tube Amp
Danelectro 56 singlecut Guitar
Washburn HB-35 Semi-Hollowbody Guitar
PCR 800 midi controller
Fender P-Bass (vintage Japanese)

Fender 51 Reissue Bass

Fender Jazz Fretless Bass

Vintage Leslie Cabinet

Mics, Preamps, Outboard


Outboard Gear:


Apogee Ensemble Interface
Focusrite OctoPre MKII Dynamic
4 – ART Pro MPA-II class A tube preamps
Presonus Studio Channel
8 Channel Headphone Amp
Neve 1073 preamp by Golden Age




1 – SE Z5600a (tube mic)
1 – Shure SM7b
2 – Cascade Fathead II Ribbon Mics
3 – Shure KSM27s (large diaphragm)
2 – Peavey PVM 480s (small diaphragm)
2 - Rode NT5s – matched pair
4 – Shure Beta 87a
1 – Shure Beta 52a
4 – Shure sm57s
1 – Audix D6
1 – Sennheiser e609

1 – Equitek E-300

Computer / Software


Mac Pro  8-core Nahalem
Pro Tools 10
Logic Studio 9
Reason 5
Native Instruments Komplete 7
Beat Thang Virtual
Waves Platinum Bundle
Antares Auto-Tune EVO
Slate Trigger 2, VCC, VBC and FG-X